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Physical Fitness Transformation Results – Rugged North Fitness

Fitness Center in Saint Paul Minnesota offering custom group workouts, strength training with latest technology plus nutrition coaching in Saint Paul. Fitness is a Fitness Center St. Paul MN group workouts, strength training. Latest in workouts technology, equipment, results tracking through state of art Fit3D body scanner, nutrition coaching and accountability.

Result oriented physical health transformation in St. Paul MN

Identify your workout goals that are both attainable yet challenging with intent of transforming overall health wellness.Rugged North Fitness logo Visit Fitness Center today!

Members push each other to go beyond their limits and cheer each other on to grow stronger both mentally and physically throughout the workouts. Using your mental toughness you will battle through each workout allowing you to finish strong.

We can help you


Our proven process to help you transform your physical and mental health is what sets us apart from other gyms. We spend a substantial amount of time one on one with our Rugged Warriors to fully understand what they want to achieve. Together, we identify what is needed to improve overall health, boost confidence, and attain your fitness goals.



Our program offers a variety of intense workouts intended to increase competitiveness and performance.

Each day of the week a unique 45-minute workout is created by our coaches and focused on a specific muscle group of the day with high-intensity cardio built in.

As a Rugged Warrior you will never get bored or experience the same workout twice!