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Owner & Lead of RNF’s Saint Paul Fitness Coaches

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Jay Cascalenda, Owner & Lead Fitness Coach of Saint Paul Rugged North FitnessJay Cascalenda has put his heart and passion into building a high-class team of certified fitness coaches in Saint Paul, MN. Over the past five years, his team has helped improve the lives of members by challenging them on how they think about fitness. This, in turn, helps to increase their confidence and mental toughness on their fitness journey.

Personal fitness Journey

Jay grew up playing competitive sports in Saint Paul, MN and knows what it takes to achieve high levels of success. He played four years of D1 hockey for University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs. He played two years of Professional Hockey for the Washington Capitals and Minnesota Wild systems. In 2014, he decided to fulfill a personal goal of opening a boutique fitness gym.

Achieving Goals

In his downtime, Jay enjoys competing in various OCRs, ultra marathons and playing golf whenever the Minnesota weather allows. He loves all things outdoors and all things Saint Paul.. This is evident throughout the branding of the gym and his life. Jay is a competitor at heart and knows what it takes to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Blueprint for Fitness Success

The Rugged North Blueprint for Success is based off Jay’s personal fitness journey. It is a formula he believes in and has helped him succeed in his goals. He’s continually inspired by his Saint Paul members as he witnesses their transformations. This is a direct result of his dedication as a fitness coach and to a healthier lifestyle with a lot of hard work!


Lindsay Leko

Certified Trainer with Weight Loss Specialization

B.S. Health 5-12 and Physical Education K-12 Teaching, Minor Community Health. NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialization, Corrective Exercise Specialization in process, POUND Pro, Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach, and multiple Athletes Acceleration Courses Completed


Are you a certified fitness trainer?

Rugged North Fitness (RNF) is looking for energetic, motivating and professional fitness coaches!

Coaches provide support to help members identify personal fitness goals. In addition, our coaches equip them with the tools to achieve them.


Our Coaches Are Supportive

Our trainers are excited and supportive with a hands-on approach for fitness and nutrition. Therefore, they help members transform physically, mentally, and emotionally, and hold our members accountable for their nutrition systems and habits.

Fitness Coaches Push Our Members

For instance, our fitness coaches push beyond their own personal limits by being “Drill Instructors” during our HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. Above all, this helps create an environment that pushes our members beyond their limits. However, even though classes are tough, they are a lot of fun. Each coach brings their own style with a personal approach.

In conclusion, our coaches help members identify alternative fitness goals. In other words, to propel them above and beyond their own personal beliefs and expectations.