Qualification – Please Complete This Application

If we don’t get an application from you, you may not take part in our program. We want to help and need this info. Please be honest. We teach normal people how to eat and workout WITHOUT sacrificing results. This way, you will never need another program again. No one falls off the habits they enjoy doing.

  • Example:
    ...Lose 50lbs
    ...Tone Up
    ...Get to 10% body fat
    ...Be healthy for my children
    ...Overcome anxiety/depression
    Please be very specific. Goals do not need to be physical goals.
  • Check All That Apply:
  • Example:
    Sustainability of the Plan
    Needed Accountability
    Didn't Know What To Do
    Hit A Plateau Then Gave Up
  • 1=Comfortable
    5=I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Change.
  • If you came in through a promotional offer, then this would mean other things like buying different food or supplements to support that goal. (Yes or No)
  • NOTE: Most people still see cost savings changing bad habits.
  • If you are not ready, please wait and schedule until you are.
    We expect individuals who feel they are ready to get started.
    Those who do not take actions are 93% more likely to continue to do nothing.
  • 1) I am a person who keeps my commitments and will show up on time to an appointment.
    2) I realize that the coaches I am meeting with are in fact "real people" with families and lives of their own who also value their time.
    3) I acknowledge that they are not training paid clients in order to meet with me. They are giving their time freely in order to help me, and I will honor their time as they are honoring mine by being on time.
  • 1) I will respond to the text when they reach out.
    2) I will confirm the appointment via text by responding "yes" or "no" that I will show up.